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    A few nice australia technology images I found:

    X marks ??
    australia technology

    Image by iansand
    geotagged geo:lat=-33.894117 geo:lon=151.197023

    My temporary office window overlooks the coffee shop.

    Question by rac_fleming: Britain has nearly reached Kyoto Greenhouse gas reductions, but what can we do about China and the USA?
    Countries like Britain, Germany, France & Australia (even though they’re NOT a signatory) are leading the world in reaching reduction targets for harmful greenhouse gases and other pollutants, but China, and the USA are increasing so rapidly that Europe’s efforts will not make a difference. What can we do to force them to be more responsible?
    Helmut, we have cleaned up our own backyard. Our problem is that the sh*t your countrie produces cancels our good efforts, and it does affect us. So if your not willing to do anything about it, we have to come up with ways to force you.
    As for “eco-alarmists” as you say, Global Warming is now ir-refutable and all the scientists, including the ones who were sceptics are now agreeing with it.

    Best answer:

    Answer by Jeremy
    the only thing you can do is continue hlping the environment and reduce your greenhouse effects. because less developped countries look up to developped countries, they will do the same. states in the us are starting to follow kyoto treaty and i think every state will follow. for china, its gonna take longer cuz they are starting to accept the outside world more but they have so many people that the pollution is overwhelming. they will start reducing greenhouse effects though.

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    NEC wins NT contract extensions
    “Not many people realise we have 1600 staff across Australia,” he said. "The headcount in the Northern Territory is around 200 people, with 150 in South Australia and another 200 in Western Australia,” he said. NEC claims to be the largest ICT employer …
    Read more on CRN Australia

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    the past forgotten queen
    australia technology

    Image by monkeyc.net
    Queen Victoria stands sentinel out the front of the Hotel Conrad in the city. The building used to be the Lands Administration building and is one of the classical examples of colonial architecture with its sandstone construction – the conversion to a hotel was done within the fabric of Heritage listing which has preserved it’s outside facades.

    One wonders what Victoria would make of the modern world.. Certainly here sensibilities would be offended by the morality one suspects but part of her would be fascinated as well by the technology and the lack of poverty. Though for some reason this expression says "we are not amused" to me.

    Victoria Gardens
    Brisbane City
    Brisbane QLD PC4000

    Art in Embassies – Mica Still, They wait for me to wake, 2008
    australia technology

    Image by US Embassy New Zealand
    Mica Still (born 1974)
    They wait for me to wake, 2008
    Acrylic on board
    24 x 24 in. (61 x 61 cm)


    Moving even further away from a representation of physical grounding, Mica Still creates dreamlike images with visages of animals, pulsating color, and graphic lines. Her painting They wait for me to wake is a wonderful melding of the mythologies, histories, and memories that might swirl in the soup of the unconscious. Laws of gravity and scale changes are as diverse as this place is unique to the mind of the artist.

    Still is a people enthusiast with shy tendencies who lets her artwork tell it like it is. She dreams in color, and these dreams spill out onto her art works, populating them with animals and symbols from both her homeland and her adopted home.

    Her work is bright, graphic and complex, with humans and animals combining to explore her desires, fears and fantasies.

    Still’s artwork will sneak up and frighten you in your dreams while making you laugh out loud in the light of day.

    Originally from a small West Coast town in the United States, she upgraded to the capital of New Zealand, where she mentors other promising artists to supplement her own art career.

    Still completed a Study Abroad Program, Pont-Aven School of Art, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon, and a Certificate of Multimedia, National School of Technology and Design, Wellington, New Zealand. Her work has been shown in Australia and New Zealand and can be found in collections in Portland, Oregon and New Zealand.



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