• Why is medical technology at least 200 years behind entertainment technology?

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    Question by Gnarf: Why is medical technology at least 200 years behind entertainment technology?
    Let’s face the facts here… Out of the last ten times you walked into a doctor’s office with an ailment, how many of those times did you walk out with a cure? I’m not talking about a ‘remedy’ to reduce your symptoms, but a proper full-on CURE for the problem that is causing the symptoms. I don’t know about where you live but here in Australia, 9/10 times they send you home with antibiotics (the only REAL advancement in medical science since the bone-saw) for every ailment from acne to the flu. What is that doing to our over-all well-being? And why is it that the giant medical industry seems to be doing everything tn their considerable power to impede the progress of those who genuinely strive toward advancements in human health and well-being? And at the same time, it boggles the mind what new developments are arising in the entertainment industry today. eg:You can buy an entire cyber-planet for the purpose of commercial development. What are our priorities as a species people?

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    Answer by John
    the entertainment industry has tons of $ cause of advertising money they receive from companies. medical technology is already under fire for healthcare already costing so much, why would they spend alot of money on technology to anger every one even more.

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  1. embroidery fan says:

    Maybe it’s just that entertainment is more fun, and people go for the more fun activity…it’s in our genes to want novelty.

  2. Aussie Nurse says:

    volunteer yourself for painful medical testing. medical technology must make advancements while also respecting human life and complying with ethics committee stipulations. besides why even make the comparison btw entertainment and medical – entertainment technology is about 200 times less important.

    furthermore bacterial infections do tend to be the leading attack on health and wellbeing. i’m sure someone would be willing to chop around to get each microscopic bacteria out, but antibiotics tend to be a bit more effective and have less side effects.


    get your facts and logic straight before you start bitching

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