• What city is the best place to visit in Australia? Is summer the same time, as in America?

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    Barron Falls
    Australia Trip

    Image by Ash Lourey
    Another waterfall photo taken on my recent trip up to North Queensland. This photo was taken at Barron Falls, which is just outside Cairns.

    Question by vajo: What city is the best place to visit in Australia? Is summer the same time, as in America?
    I know nothing about Australia, but want to plan a trip there, if you can add anything, other than answers to the question, that would be great, thanks.

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    Answer by lachie_90
    sydney and the goldcoast are in my opinion the best cities as there is always something going on.. it gets hot around christmas time and can stay hot for a good few months after that

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  1. ygwild says:

    Summer in America is winter here in Australia
    Currently everyone is either going to the snow in the snowy mountains around Jindabyne area or going up north to Gold Coast for the warmer weather and Cairns to see the great barrier reef while the deadly box jellyfish and the bluebottles are away cause it’s too cold for them.

    But you might as well go to Sydney and see the main attractions like the sydney tower, opera house and harbour bridge at least you can say been there done that..
    Then to Gold Coast and Cairns but in Cairns they actually have dry and wet season since they’re tropical so just make sure you consider it in your planning.
    I haven’t been to perth but if you like wine I recommend either Adelaide in south australia and the Margaret River in Western Australia.
    Adelaide is quite a small town centre compared to sydney.
    Canberra has all the building type of attractions eg. war memorial, parliament house etc if you like that sort of thing

  2. britzinoz.com says:

    Our seasons are;

    Summer = December, January & February
    Autumn = March, April & May
    Winter = June, July & August
    Spring = September, October & November

  3. Tom says:

    Well id fly into brisbane which has great weather and the gold coast is only 1 hr away and could stay there for night or 2 and try the theme parks there (Dreamworld, Movie World, Sea World). Try Cairns aswell and then go to sydney Australias major sydney. But if you want a longer stay try the major cities ( melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Hobart) Also another major attratction is Ayres Rock.

  4. onetrx says:

    Visiting Australia really depends on your holiday style. I would recommend mid-March, as the summer is has cooled down by then from up to 105°F temps, the kids are back at school, there are interesting events happening, and many places are beautiful in autumn. Hope this helps.

    Tasmania, Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) and Kakadu National Park:
    natural and indigenous attractions

    Brisbane and Gold Coast:
    young, vibrant nightlife, surfing

    The Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef:
    tropical island resorts and reefs

    North Queensland (eg. Cairns):
    rainforest, encounters with Aussie animals

    hip, euro-style, “sports” city

    bustling city with tourist hotspots

    Of course, there are a lot of other interesting places outside of the major cities and east coast! Visit http://www.australia.com/

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