• What are the best CITIES to visit in AUSTRALIA?

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    Australia Trip
    by akeii

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    Australia Trip

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    Melbourne, July 2013
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    Winter is bleak. I couldn’t help but notice the number of photos that I had unconsciously taken on my trip that had some element of the colour red in them. I posted some of these on EyeEm.

    Question by MS: What are the best CITIES to visit in AUSTRALIA?
    I will be arriving in Sydney next March, 14th, and would like to know about any other interesting cities to visit in my “7 day trip to Australia”. Could anyone help me?

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  1. Mel says:

    I would recommend Sydney and Melbourne, however 7days is not quite long enough to see both.

    Visit http://www.visitmelbourne.com http://www.visitnsw.com and http://www.sydney.com.au to help you decide which city to visit.

    Personally I prefer to live in Sydney and holiday in Melbourne.

  2. duje says:

    If visiting Sydney for 7 days only, I would spend the whole time there. Much to do beaches ferries shopping entertainment.

  3. sktssss says:

    Sydney…and Gold Coast Queensland, you could do 3 days Sydney and 2 days ( cheap flights Sydney – Coolangatta -Sydney) 1hr 30min flight with Virgin or Jetstar Airlines.
    I am suggesting Gold Coast as it is Australia’s most popular Holiday Destination…Melbourne in March will be Cold.
    Cheers you will enjoy.

  4. jasminda says:

    Port Headland Western Australia. Iron Ore Mining. Coober Pedy Opal Mining Town. Adelaide Barossa Valley Penfold Wines. Take a Greyhound Express Coach Trip many areas to visit via this.

  5. silkin_storm says:

    “.Melbourne in March will be Cold.” from sktssss

    That is a Load of Crap Melbourne in March is warm days & cooler nights.

    Anyway We have quite alot to see & do down here too if you come. Melbourne is known as the shopping and food capital of Australia.

    We also have some great sights to see within a days drive of the city and you can get buss tours to them as well.

    Philip Island
    Surf coast /Great Ocean Road
    Some beautiful areas out in the Yarra Valley
    Wineries and a whole lot more

  6. minimouse68 says:

    Seven days simply isnt long enough to see anywhere here! I suppose you could fly into Tasmania, tis’ just about small enough there to be seen in 7 days.

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