• softly in the glowing day

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    A few nice australia technology images I found:

    softly in the glowing day
    australia technology

    Image by monkeyc.net
    An overcast day works well for this – seems to bring out the contrast better for some reason.

    Another water lilly image, shot handheld with the 300mm again at f5.6 – the colors here are pretty close to what was in the base image – some curves tweaking and contrast adjustment to bring up those highlights and volia here you have it – I love that almost glowing color to it, the light was just right, overcast but sunny.

    Yes I do like this one, In fact its one of the best flower images i think I have ever taken in terms of color and effect – but of course what do you think? Tell me.

    Question by j_ridis: How many years do you need to go to University in Australia for a Degree in Journalism?
    In Australia please.
    My Main question is how many years in it for a degree in Journalism.

    Best answer:

    Answer by Edwin R

    Give your answer to this question below!
    NUGEN Audio Signs Distribution Deal With Australia's Amber Technology
    NUGEN Audio, creator of intuitive tools for audio professionals, has struck a deal with Australian distributor Amber Technology to sell and support NUGEN products in Australia and New Zealand. NUGEN Audio's loudness metering and correction solutions …
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    This is a clip from my appearance in Australia’s National TV hit Q&A on ABC Australia! For more info visit: http://VImeo.com/JasonSilva http://twitter.com/ja…
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    We are spirits in the material world
    australia technology

    Image by monkeyc.net
    Where does the answer lie?
    Living from day to day
    If it’s something we can’t buy
    There must be another way

    The Police – Spirits in the Material world

    MtGravatt communications tower, cell repeaters and the like mainly. Something grabbed me about this image, the contrast of the technology against the sky, the profusion of attennas commuinicating the thoughts of many across the sky and the ether.

    You ponder what people are saying to each other, invisible conversations in an visible world. Hence the song.

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