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    A few nice Australia Trip images I found:

    Smoking Apex
    Australia Trip

    Image by Tim Donnelly (TimboDon)
    Another image from trip to Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, last year. Thought I would try for something different in the foreground to most shots captured down there. I really like howthe foreground bush mirrors the mountains rise and fall.

    Thanks for looking.

    Question by David: Is Australian intelligence making australia a communist country with no freedoms or liberty?
    Australian intelligence want peoples passwords for facebook and ebay but if you do not give the password you can end up in jail (dogs) .Where has the freedom of society gone and has australia gone on a communist trip.

    Best answer:

    Answer by xu
    Never heard about this. Link?

    Give your answer to this question below!

    Australia Road Trip 2012

    A complete mammoth show, coming in all its restless conquering grandeur
    Australia Trip

    Image by National Library NZ on The Commons
    1931, Ephemera Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library, Reference: Eph-E-CABOT-Circus-Pedro-1931-02

    Cabot reminisced in 1973 that this was the circus he remembered most vividly, as he himself provided some finance for it. He brought it out from Australia and it did badly because of the Depression, costing him a lot of money. It had no lions, tigers or elephants although it did have monkeys; basically it was a variety show featuring whipcrackers, sharp shooters and trick cyclists.

    In fact many of these performers had been on earlier trips to New Zealand, and almost the entire company turned up in 1932 (the following year) as Volpa Bros Circus, billed as "entirely new to Wellington". This casts doubt as to whether the Pedro Bros show lasted long enough to reach Wellington the previous year, even though it performed in Thames.

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