• Skyrim Where to sell my not wanted equipment?

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    Question by Liam: Skyrim Where to sell my not wanted equipment?
    Been playing Skyrim for a while now and I do a lot of ‘scavenging’ in dungeons and picking up new equipment. Unfortunately this means I have a lot of equipment that is too valuable to just drop. I have tried to find a shop that I can sell all my equipment that I don’t use but they never have enough money to give me for my equipment. Is there anyone that I can sell a lot of stuff too? Thanks :)

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    Answer by Dragon
    You have to wait for abit until the shop’s money increases again.
    Or you could buy a house, store it all in there, and then when the money has reset, go on a selling spree in all of the hold capitals.
    In whiterun there are 4 places where you can sell (where i went most of the time)

    Drunken huntsman, just up the gentle slope as soon as you enter (a little to the left)
    Warmaidens, to the right as soon as you enter whiterun.
    Skyforge (unless he’s dead), you can seel your weapons and armor to him too
    Court Wizard up in draginsreach for enchanted items etc

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  1. Tai says:

    ebay! the only way or look on google for other places to sell your stuff

  2. RICHARD says:

    If you like this type of thing you will love this competition


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