• Q&A: When is the next update for Skyrim on the PS3?

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    Question by Ivana: When is the next update for Skyrim on the PS3?
    It’s been months since the PS3 had any updates for Skyrim, it seems that only XBox and the PC get all the updates… thus leaving us PS3 players left out of everything. When will we get updates? :(
    Also if possible provide a date or a news article (Official) If you find anything. Thank you.

    Best answer:

    Answer by Rich
    The next major DL is Dawnguard. You can find info here.


    As for patches, the best I can give you is this list that you can keep an eye on, being console though, it should download automatically.


    Hope it helps.

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  1. Parnim Xa says:

    Latest Skyrim update is Dawnguard DLC. But first its coming for Xbox 360. So Later It will be avalable for PS3 and PC.
    Still so far they haven’t conformed any Dawnguard dlc release date for PS3 users.. But soon they will.

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