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    Question by Daniel Chadrawy: COMPUTER QUESTIAN HELP?
    im thinking of buying a desktop pc for my room proably an ex lease one and wondering if it would be good enough fast etc…….
    and could i put like a 4gb ram and new hardrive + a grpahic chip to these pc or something. (im not very smart with oc and all)
    thankz help will be apreciated :)


    and has anyone heard of optima pc
    yeah i live in aus i found this http://lfo.com.au/exlease.htm
    is it alright

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    Answer by r.asheeth
    buddy it is better to buy from store or something like that ………buying online through a site which deals in scrap n all……..it is not good idea. bro………….you may end up whining …………………….but then it is your money and your decision ………….secondly 4gb ram, hDD, and graphic card is good if your system in question can handle this kind of stuff………..take care……..Oh by the way you CANNOT upgrade Dell system with ease especially with non dell stuff ……….

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  1. Nosaj Sebrof says:

    This PC will not be very good for Gaming even if you upgrade the GFX, it wont have the required slots for a decent graphics card.ything other then that remember you also need a monitor and periferals.

    i would recommend one of the asus or toshiba laptops, they cost like $ 600AU and do pretty much the same as this but are brand new from the shop.

  2. globeweasel says:

    go see a local tech for a rebuild one.

  3. Carling says:

    do you live in Australia ?

    Next quest:- wondering if it would be good enough fast
    Answer :- depends on the operating system, windows “No” Linux “Yes”
    Next quest:- could i put like a 4gb ram and new hardrive
    Answer :- “Yes”
    Next quest:- has anyone heard of optima pc
    Answer :- “Yes” Made by Dell

    more info
    By the time you have paid for the computer Paid postage and shipping bought a new hard drive and memory for it, it would be cheaper or as cheap to buy a new low end system from here

  4. JR_the_postman says:

    I was never able to keep many of the thin narrow case systems running. I had lots of overheating problems with this style case (all manufactures not only dell) power supply problems in a dry dusty climate…


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