• Photograph of Beatrice Kerr with a collection of personal items

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    A few nice Australia Tour images I found:

    Photograph of Beatrice Kerr with a collection of personal items
    Australia Tour

    Image by Australian National Maritime Museum on The Commons
    This image is part of an archive series consisting of photographs relating to the career of champion Australian swimmer, diver and vaudeville entertainer in Australia and the United Kingdom Beatrice Kerr. The photographs depict Kerr diving and posing in swimsuits, a ange of swimming pools or piers, and feature her family and acquaintances.

    Beatrice Maude Kerr (like rival Annette Kellerman and contemporaries Fanny Durack and Mina Wylie) was an exemplar of the fit modern woman in the early 1900s at a time when the physical culture movement was growing. In particular the sport of swimming was becoming very popular, yet it was still a novelty in many communities in Australia, North America and in the UK where Kerr subsequently toured demonstrating her prowess.

    Kerr had a fastest swimming time of 1 minute 21.4 seconds for the 100 yards (91.4 m) and 27.5 minutes for the mile (1.6 km). Although Kerr did not hold world records or swim at the Olympics like Fanny Durack and Mina Wylie she was highly regarded as a swimmer and entertainer and inspired many young women to take to the water.

    The Australian National Maritime Museum undertakes research and accepts public comments that enhance the information we hold about images in our collection. If you can identify a person, vessel or landmark, write the details in the Comments box below.

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    Object number ANMS1031

    Question by Chelsea A: Where is a good city to raise a family in Australia – We are Canadian?
    We want to move our family out of Canada and we aren’t sure where to move. We are definitely considering Australia and would love to get some insight from anyone. We have 2 kids and my husband is an heavy duty mechanic. We would love to live near the ocean, but somewhere that isn’t too expensive. we will have around
    75,000 AUD to get started.

    Best answer:

    Answer by Mitchell
    I would highly suggest moving to Adelaide. Adelaide is alot smaller than other cities such as Sydney or Melbourne, but not necassarily in a bad way.

    Adelaide is close to the ocean, has plenty of schools/hospitals/parks/police stations. It is generally a quiet place, and you can buy very nice and affordable houses only 30 minutes out of the city of Adelaide.

    Alot of people speak of Adelaide negatively because there isn’t much to do (in the way of clubbing) but in my opinion, that makes Adelaide a better place to live.

    Good luck guys, hope everything goes well.

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    Client Couch
    Australia Tour

    Image by Dee Speed
    Read an article about our loft featured on the Herman Miller blog:

    This is where my clients relax in a corner of my studio next to my main workstation. I finally found a cheap sizeable glass base to use with my favourite lamp shade. The shade and the pillows were all from a limited edition set sold only in Australia through Freedom Furniture called "Hendrix" (in honour of Jimi.) I picked it up while living in Sydney years ago and sadly they ran it only for one season then discontinued it. The couch is also a discontinued Ikea piece called Lessebo.

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