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    Image by monkeyc.net
    Yep my desk, tidier than usual. What is it about cables, there are just too many of the damn things when you have a few PC’s

    Question by : Is Yahoo going to become another advertising arm for Microsoft?
    Why do we have Yahoo 7

    Is this to suggest that we shouldn’t be using it on Mac or Linux or Symbian or Android???

    Best answer:

    Answer by Ol’grizzler
    We have Yahoo 7 so our Aussie cousins have a chance to help educate us, what’s that got to do with Microsoft? To the best of my knowledge Linux, and Thai Mac both do ok in Australia so I am not sure what you are trying to ask.

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    Prison Architect Has Better Riots And Linux Support Now
    The somewhat-wonderful, somewhat-demented interactive incarceration simulator Prison Architect always gets the best updates. To wit: “Internally we've done a lot to increase the realism by implementing a more advanced model of prisoner anger. This now …
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    Linux Australia Special General Meeting held on 29th of August, 2011. 1. President’s Welcome 2. Confirmation of minutes of the 2011 AGM. http://www.linux.org…

    Linux Australia

    Image by t3rmin4t0r
    The walk up from the gates.

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