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    Some cool Australia Trip images:

    Lake Crackenback :: Vertorama
    Australia Trip

    Image by Sam Ilić
    Dad, Ivan and I took a small drive around the beautiful country side through NSW last weekend. It was a randomly organised trip through the Snowy Mountains via Thredbo and down through Mount Kosciuszko, Tumut and then back to Canberra the next day, so we ended up driving for 2 straight days, staying overnight at Khancoban.

    Luckily we had really nice weather following us, so it was really nice trip. Although I came home on Sunday night so tired, it was really refreshing. I really love Aussie countryside, especially little NSW towns.

    By the way, isn’t that a funny name for a lake? Its home to a really popular winter resort and I really recommend you stay there. Just the scenery is worth the visit.

    The shot is a 6 exposure vertorama, stitched in PTGui, uploaded in full 14.7MB glory :)

    Explored! Thanks everyone!

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    Question by hungtam00: How long will it take me from Perth to Sysney by train?
    Next month I’m going on a trip to Australia. I have trip obligations in Perth, but I’d, naturally like to go to Sydney. Now, can you advice me how to cover the distance between those two cities? by train, I think it will be the cheapest one and I can see more sceneries, but I’m really confused for how long will it take by high railway?

    Best answer:

    Answer by cambo.watt
    By train from Perth to Sydney you would take the Indian-Pacific. This takes 65 hours, nearly three days! It’s more expensive than flying but you’ll get to see a hell of a lot of countryside and outback.

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    Joshua's Wish children's charity is closed
    They had letters saying an Australia trip was cancelled but airline agents say flight tickets are still valid. Each had raised £3,000 for the charity, which was founded in Wales and formerly known as The Joshua Foundation. In a tweet, the organisation …
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    The Sydney Opera House
    Australia Trip

    Image by Stuck in Customs
    I’ve waited a very long time to see this famous building in Sydney! I’ve been meaning to come to Australia for a very long time, but this whole plan was delayed because of my move to New Zealand. Since I knew that I would be moving to NZ, I figured Australia would be a much more convenient trip. And now that I am here, it is! In fact, it’s just a 3 hour direct flight from Queenstown. But, since it took me longer than expected to get to NZ, then it took me much longer than expected to get to Australia! But now, I can make up for lost time, and spend more time across the Tasman…

    – Trey Ratcliff

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