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    Some cool linux wiki images:

    Kubuntu Girl
    linux wiki

    Image by KΛ13
    Para los que no sepais lo que es Kubuntu, podeis mirar aqui: es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kubuntu

    Linux Mint - Wiki Article

    This is a synthesized speech reading of the Wikipedia article “Linux Mint” and is intended primarily for blind and visually impaired individuals who can not …
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    linux wiki

    Image by spacepleb
    A knot in a tree (mirrored) in the Jardim dos Sentidos, Palácio de Cristal, O Porto, Portugal.

    Canon EOS 350D, Sigma 18-200mm(144mm). f10 1/160seconds ISO 400. Handheld in overcast afternoon daylight. Halved the image size then mirrored and added border using Gimp/Linux.

    The knot in the tree and the texture exhibited so many similarities within the animal kingdom I couldn’t resist + it’s the 13th.

    Apparently the full name in Portuguese for O Porto is "Antiga, mui nobre, sempre leal e invicta cidade do Porto" (Old, very noble, always loyal and unconquered city of Porto).

    If you visit the Palácio de Cristal in O Porto do not expect to find a palace. It was demolished and replaced with a dome. That said, the gardens are very cool and deserve a picnic. There were also some scounging peacocks (which did not deserve a picnic).

    washing machine
    linux wiki

    Image by kugel
    Have you ever considered that your clothes run long distances when cycling in your washing machine( WM)? Considering a mean WM of 45 cm of internal diameter, a normal program of 1h30min, and a maximum speed of 800rpm (which lasts only for a small frction of the entire program), then you can come with a total run path of 25 to 30 km!!! Where the 60% of the this path has been run during the centrifuge. With WMs that reach speeds of 1200-1400rpm the clothes can run over 35km!

    Bit of explanation about the galaxy: I produced the image of M74 taking from public images the three bands and combined them in false colors.

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