• How many outside Australia now the name of our Prime Minister?

    Posted on November 27, 2013 by in Australia Trip

    Question by rod_fro: How many outside Australia now the name of our Prime Minister?
    He just took of on a round the world trip, another one.

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    Answer by Chiron
    Bush’s puppy is John Howard

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  1. toma_calin86 says:

    me. what’s his name now…. oh, is it John Winston Howard? could it be him? yep, he’s in office since 1996.

    PS I’m from Romania.

  2. wonderme says:

    John Howard. I am from Pakistan.

  3. justme says:

    What…we have a prime minister…

    Its not a holiday, its a trip to visit some important people to talk about…stuff, i like stuff, do you like stuff

  4. rense says:

    John Howard he’s your man I’m from the isle of Japan.

  5. Ken says:

    Where is that place. Is that the down under place that I have heard about. Hey why don’t you guys fall off the earth if you are on the bottom.
    JH JH have not been there yet but at this time I am not far so one day I may just show up and see if I can catch me a crock or kangaroo. Please tell the sharks I may be there one day so go away while i am swimming. I doubt if you know the name of the PM where I am. He has been in the news lately as well. Thailand

  6. messinapete says:

    It’s Johnny.
    John Howard

  7. bkheknowles says:

    It’s John Howard, and Im from the US. If you were to ask me about middle eastern countries or African countries i could not tell you.

  8. MOTHERRR SOUP says:

    Who really cares?

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