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    Posted on July 27, 2013 by in Ubuntu Australia

    A few nice Ubuntu Australia images I found:

    Ubuntu Australia

    Image by monkeyc.net
    My current desktop, slightly messy and normally I am a neat freak.. This is my main PC, dual boot windows XP Pro and Ubuntu Linux, 17" LCD, P4 3.06,2gb Ram, 180gb HDD etc etc.. See notes for more info

    Question by bazzayorky: Please can anyone help me .I want to buy a USB Wireless Adapter that is certified to operate Ubuntu 12.04?
    Precise Pangolin. on my desktop.Ubuntu 12.04 operates ok on cable but I want to set it up on my network.I would prefer to buy in Australia if possible .
    Thankyou Bazza

    Best answer:

    Answer by DR + Mrs Bears face
    Hi Bazza
    you are not alone with having issues with ubuntu 12.04 as it has some bugs in it.
    i tried for weeks to resolve a few and gave up and went back to 10.10 as it was such a pain.
    so you could do as i do now buy a book with the software so you have some guidance as how to fix it.
    current one is 12.10 with 13.04 still in the beta version which too could have issues.

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    Before And After
    Ubuntu Australia

    Image by kandinski
    A friend once told me that the secret of "before and after" photographs lies in taking the "after" picture before the "before" one.

    Un amigo me dijo una vez que el secreto de las fotos de "antes y después" está en sacar la foto de "después" antes que la de "antes".

    School computer museum
    Ubuntu Australia

    Image by plakboek
    This splendid photograph was shared by Craig Blair (North Lake Senior Campus, WA Australia) and I have been given permission to reproduce it again here.

    This collection of computer hardware spans over two decades and much of it is still in use or made usable with new operating systems. This is more than just an effort to catalog and classify junk, it is a great historical sounding board for his students. It raises some good questions about the pandemic of afluenza sweeping our word, the power of computer recycling and the value of digital archives. Bravo Craig.

    He indicates that his collection has the following items:

    * Apple Blueberry G3 – student find. Replaced HD and works well – for in class use
    * MacPlus – I found – works a treat… just reinstalling the OS at the moment – for in class use
    * Apple G3 – Staff find. not a lot except the 1.5 GB of RAM – haven’t got much further with this yet.
    * Pentium III 900 MHz – student find. put in 20 Gig harddrive, installed ubuntu and gave to senior for surfing the net… very happy customer
    * Pentium IV 1.2GHz – I found. dual monitor card. 2 hardrives, 2 monitors (17 inch). Works just fine… sitting at my house as my only Desktop PC in the house… (very rarely used…)
    * Pentium P166 – student find – cd burner, windows 98. very quick machine… given to a student from lower socio-economic area who now uses it for recording music…. etc… very very happy customer
    * Pentium III – I found – 800 MHz – came with DVD player, CD burner. Reinstalled Ubuntu and use this machine for burning ubuntu onto students external harddrives
    * Commodore 64 – donated by a prac student
    * XT – something I have had for awhile
    * Microbee – something I have had for awhile

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