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    A few nice Australia Tour images I found:

    Dawkins Dinner
    Australia Tour

    Image by jurvetson
    I just returned from a dinner with Richard Dawkins where he discussed his next book and his current Reason Tour through the U.S. and then Australia.

    His greatest audience turnout is in the Bible Belt. The stories from there seem so freakishly foreign in California.

    In March 2012, Tennessee passed new laws to promote creationism in schools and put Biblical passages in public buildings, and is now positing a bill to give schoolyard bullies an exemption from rebuke if their bullying happens to be motivated by “sincerely held” religious bigotry. (details)

    That is just so unlike Lady Gaga.

    Question by Alex: How much will the Paramore tickets be when they come to Australia?
    Hey guys,
    I’m just looking for an estimate as to how much the tickets will be when Paramore comes to Australia.
    I’ve never actually been to a concert before, so I can’t really estimate.
    Thanks. :)

    Best answer:

    Answer by Hey Jude <3
    Concert tickets vary from 20-300. Go check the website, such as ticketmaster.com and then get the price from there. It’ll be in American Dollars but then just go onto google and search currency calculator and you’ll have your price!

    Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

    SUPRA Footwear presents the OZ Man Out video that covers their 2012 Australia/New Zealand tour, featuring Lizard King, Stevie Williams, Erik Ellington, Terry…
    Video Rating: 5 / 5

    An aerial view of Surfers Paradise at nightfall
    Australia Tour

    Image by LingHK

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